BOSS Heavy Haul Can Move Anything!

BOSS Heavy Haul professionally moves super-heavy loads.

BOSS takes a unique approach to hauling the bigger and more unique loads that typically would leave our competitors behind in terms of safety, experience and overall process execution.  We move the impossible every day.  If it is heavy, hard to handle, over-sized and challenging, we move it.

Our process includes everything necessary to successfully plan, prepare, and execute a strategic super heavy haul move.  We realize there has to be permits, route recon, obstacle manuevering and escort services.  We can help you successfully meet these challenges.


At BOSS, “Safety is Priority One” in everything we do from making decisions to parking our vehicles at the end of a project.  We have 100+ years of experience on the job and in the industry.  Our equipment is maintained to complement our experienced operators and team and together we can move anything.



BOSS Heavy Haul is part of the BOSS Crane & Rigging family,  they are family owned and operated and treats every client as a family member.  Our customers turn to us for the experience and capacity to manage important, complex transportation needs.  Experience matters, and we have over 50 years in the transportation business.  BOSS provides a complete turnkey rigging service,  whether it be a single piece of equipment or an entire plant.

Long haul from coast to coast has enabled us to become a top nationwide trucking and rigging company.  BOSS’ specialized fleet of equipment ranges from flatbed trailers to transporters capable of hauling up to 500 tons on one trailer.  Many types of cranes are available, and the rigging equipment includes a 500-ton Hydraulic Gantry System as well as one of the most complete collections of rigging gear in the United States. Superior equipment is backed by a staff of engineers who are able to provide answers to any transportation or rigging problem. The company’s drivers and operators are the most qualified and highly trained in the heavy industry.

We have the equipment to meet your challenges safely and professionally in every step of the process.

Hauling anything from minor loads to over-dimensional inside the United States is what we do.

Our current equipment is able to handle to most extreme projects with a maximum weight exceeding 600 tons. That is a lot of weight.  Consider that we are fully capable of executing your next move.  Our team of seasoned professionals can develop a strategic plan that will safely and effectively move your equipment within legal and safety parameters.  The plan will encompass the full spectrum of coordinators, route recons, route maps, permits, equipment lists and escort services.  It will include everything necessary to conduct the full project efficiently, professionally, and within budget.