We can handle your load.

What Does Your Business Need Hauled? 

Catastrophic recovery

BOSS Heavy Haul handles catastrophic recovery for major airlines, airport authorities, domestic aircraft manufacturers, and railroad companies.  Our goal is to ALWAYS make Safety a Priority One and to help restore normalcy in a timely manner.  We approach each project with the right equipment,  we work efficiently and effectively – putting our customers at ease during each operation.

During a recovery operation, BOSS understands the significance and value of the equipment being salvaged, and we pay special attention when handling the recovery components.   Team BOSS prides itself on the ability to act and perform in a safe and professional manner in any situation.

Crane Services

Team BOSS have been expert specialists in transporting goods and materials through the Southern Region of the United States.  And since that time, we’ve also taken things higher – serving the needs of many clients throughout Texas, Arkansa, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska with the finest fleet of state-of-the-art cranes.

Our full-service line of All-Terrain Mobile Cranes, boom cranes, crawlers and other heavy-duty hoisting equipment. with lift capacities from 9 to 1000 tons. 


Rigging Services

From pipe yards to power plants, handling major projects, the contractors know to call BOSS when a critical project requires experience and professionalism to complete.

With one of the MOST comprehensive collections of specialized gear available throughout the Southern States – including gantry lift systems and hydraulic jacks capable of handling Super-Sized loads of up to 1,000 tons – we offer one-stop shop access to equipment that meets the industry’s most rigorous standards for safety and top-of-the -line performance. 


 Specialized Jobs

BOSS Crane & Rigging’s turnkey services have long been  recognized as the model for commercial, industrial, and public utility sectors.   Our rigging warehouses have some of the MOST complete collections of equipment in the regions.  Our rigging gear and technical knowledge are complemented by our fleet of hydraulic cranes, gantries and slide systems.

Along with BOSS’ most advanced equipment comes our 24/7 support.  Our clients appreciate the details in which we achieve through our proficient planning team and state-of-the-art equipment, such as our certified lift plans and in-house engineer. 



heavy haul trucking services

The BOSS Team has the resources, expertise, and experience you can trust and depend on.  Whether it’s a heavy-duty transformer, a fuel tank, or an infrastructure component to be installed across the country – or the heavy equipment needed to put it in place – we can provide safe and secure transport of highly specialized, Super-Sized loads up to 1,000 tons or more.  

Major players in the utility, petrochemical., engineering, and  pharmaceutical industries have relied on us to prepare and execute the delivery of specially configured, heavyweight, and over-dimensional loads.    BOSS Heavy Haul specializes in transporting heavy,  over-dimensional freight.

BOSS takes heavy haul trucking to the next level.